The Rugged Westin EXP Topper

Enhance the looks and versatility of your truck with Westin’s new EXP Topper, a rugged truck canopy perfect for the toughest trails. The five-panel modular design is light and rugged, offering a static load limit of 700lbs (dynamic load limit: 300lbs).

Emergency interior release levers, a third brake light, and integrated roof rails are just some of the features that elevate the Westin EXP Topper above the competition.

Order the EXP Topper for:

  • An Easy, No Drill DIY Install
  • Double-Walled Aluminum Construction That Is Strong and Lightweight
  • Large Door Frames Allowing Easy Access To Cargo
  • A Key Fob Operated Rear Door Lock For Convenience
  • NeoX Seals For Leak Proof and Dustproof Joints
  • Integrated Roof Rails That Hold Up to 300lbs (dynamic load)
  • Locking Side Handles For Security

Multiple door openings, corrosion resistant double-walled aluminum construction, and weatherproof seals keep your equipment safe and dry. Assembly is easy and requires no drilling or cutting, and the entire canopy can be removed in under 15 minutes if required.

The matte black finish complements any truck. You’ll also enjoy multiple door openings with locks and emergency interior release levers. It features a built-in third brake light and magnetic interior LED light. There are several integrated T-slot extrusions inside to mount accessories, and it’s backed by Westin’s 3-year warranty.

Truck canopies add another level of versatility to your vehicle. With Westin’s all-new EXP Topper, you get the functional benefits of a high-quality topper with stylish good looks and additional features like integrated roof rails, lockable doors, and weatherproofing. For more innovative cargo management solutions, check out our truck bed mats and tool boxes, too.

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