Team West Competes At King Of The Hammers 2024

King Of The Hammers is the pinnacle of off-road racing challenges. Set in Johnson Valley, California, this event takes place over a week at the beginning of each year. Participants take part in one-day races which are open to an extensive range of off-road vehicles.

Since its debut in 2007, what began as a casual race among 12 teams for a case of beer has grown into a competitive event with over 530 teams vying for various prizes. Today, the race draws more than 2 million viewers online.

And it attracts up to 80,000 enthusiasts who venture into the desert each year to experience the thrill firsthand. Team West was once again ready for the ultimate off-roading challenge.

Team West at the King Of The Hammers 2024

Team West is always up for a challenge, and they were back at the KOH 2024 to take on the grueling event once again. 2023 saw Team West get bottle necked at the rocks at mile marker 5, catch fire and eventually call it a day with a DNF. They had a point to prove coming into the event, but unfortunately things didn’t quite go their way.  

We went in for two months worth of prep to try and get the truck where we wanted it”.

– Anthony West

Team West’s Toyota Tundra V8 off-roader was seriously prepped and ready to take on just about any challenge. That’s a good thing too, because this year was tougher than ever. The team came prepared to take on the upcoming high-speed tracks and technical rock crawls, but fate had other plans for them:

Westin And Superwinch To The Rescue

King Of The Hammers stands out as one of the most challenging motorsport events worldwide. A perfect testing ground for our products. The event’s harsh conditions are compounded by a no-chase rule, forbidding any rescue crew from assisting in case of a breakdown. The Team West Toyota Tundra V8 was specced up with the best Westin kit, and they certainly needed it.

“The Superwinch winch worked just the way it was supposed to”

– Bill West

Thanks to their Superwinch winch, they were able to pull the truck to safety as it got stuck on a particularly tough part of the course.

Unfortunately, later the truck suffered serious structural damage that prevented it from continuing. But Team West will definitely be back next year to conquer the 2025 King Of The Hammers.

Be Prepared For KOH 2025

Don’t be caught unprepared for your next off-roading adventure. These are some of the essential pieces of off-road gear that Team West recommends before you head out to take on next year’s KOH:

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Take a look at our ever-growing catalog of Westin|Superwinch off-roading equipment. We have a product for everyone from first timers to King Of The Hammers regulars. Contact us today for more information.

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