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Why The EXP Topper?

The all metal EXP Topper is stronger, lighter, and more functional than the fiberglass camper shells of old. Here's what makes the EXP Truck Topper so great.

Easy, No Drill Install

The EXP Topper features a no drill install, with no vehicle modification required. You can install it with basic hand tools, and there's no holes left behind in your truck bed when its removed.

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Stronger and Lighter Than The Competition

Fiberglass and steel camper shells are surprisingly heavy, and they reduce your trucks' cargo capacity as a result. The EXP Topper is made from double-walled aluminum, which is both strong and lightweight.

Carry The Heavy Loads

The Westin EXP Topper can handle a static load up to 700lbs and a dynamic load up to 300lbs. This means it's great for rooftop camping for two adults while parked, and great for hauling your gear to and from the camp site.

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Convenience and Security

Both side doors and the rear door of the EXP are locking, and the rear lock is controlled by a key fob (just like the locks on your truck's doors).

Large Door Frames For Easy Access

The EXP Topper opens on all 3 sides, with large door frames to maximize easy of access. No more tiny porthole windows or sliding windows.

Leak Proof And Dustproof NeoX Seals

The EXP Topper has NeoX seals, an EPDM closed-cell material that provides superior protection against water and dust.

Truck Topper FAQs

Westin Automotive has been designing and manufacturing truck and Jeep accessories for over 40 years. Every product is designed to the highest standards and is engineered to meet the exacting requirements of our clients. The rugged Westin EXP Topper is no different and features:

  • Easy, No Drill DIY Install
  • Double-Walled Aluminum Construction Is Strong and Lightweight
  • Large Door Frames For Easy Access To Cargo
  • Key Fob Operated Rear Door Lock For Convenience
  • NeoX Seals For Leak Proof and Dustproof Joints
  • Roof Rails Hold Up to 300 lbs
  • Locking Side Handles For Security

Truck toppers are a great addition if you want to add secure, weatherproof cargo space to your truck. Westin's EXP Topper fits the bill, and then some. Read our FAQs below to learn more about this popular new addition to our lineup.

What Are Truck Canopies/Toppers?

Truck canopies, also known as truck bed caps, truck bed camper shells, and truck toppers, are mounted to a truck's bed to provide protection and a secure, covered storage space. They also expand storage space height, which is a great advantage. Westin’s EXP Topper is easy to install, offering a tight OEM fit with no cutting or drilling required. It can be removed in under 15 minutes if needed.

How Do Truck Canopies Benefit Storage?

They offer a secure, weatherproof space to store tools, equipment, or personal items, protecting them from theft and environmental elements. If you camp, go off-road, adventure, or transport your pets in your truck bed often, the EXP Topper is a game changer. The Westin EXP Topper turns your bed into an interior storage space and comes with integrated roof rails and an integrated T-slot extrusion to allow for additional accessory mounting points on the exterior and interior. You can customize your truck further by installing some of our handy cargo management solutions.

What Other Benefits Do Truck Toppers Offer?
  • They can improve fuel efficiency
  • They allow for further customization options
  • They give your truck a stylish, individual look

Basically, your truck bed can be transformed into an interior space for storage, cargo, gear, people, and pets. The options are endless. The EXP Truck Topper comes in a stylish matte black finish, enhancing the look of any truck it’s fitted to. A truck’s open load bed reduces aerodynamic efficiency. Covering it with a truck topper can help improve the airflow around the truck, which may result in enhanced fuel efficiency. Fitting a truck topper opens up further customization options, from fitting auxiliary LED lighting, to custom mountings that can securely hold specific equipment or tools.


Is The Westin EXP Topper Suitable For Off-Roading?

Yes, the rugged design of our EXP Topper is ideal for off-roading.  Corrosion resistant double-thick aluminum makes this Topper light, yet very durable. It can handle a static load of 700lbs and a dynamic load of 300lbs. Comprehensive weatherproofing will protect your cargo even in the harshest weather conditions and dust intrusion.

How Do Westin EXP Toppers Impact Your Truck's Functionality?

Not all truck toppers are built the same. Some are unsuitable for all-weather use, while others don't offer the versatility or security you need. Westin’s EXP Topper covers all those bases and includes several features that no enthusiast should do without. It's a modular design made of aluminum so rest assured it won't slow your truck down or reduce functionality. It will, however, provide you:

  • Enhanced Protection: Extra thick aluminum and a weatherproof design will protect your equipment from harsh off-road conditions, like mud, dust, and rain. The EXP Topper provides a rugged, durable shell that protects equipment and supplies.
  • Secure Storage: Lockable doors and emergency interior release levers allow you to use the EXP Topper in any situation, confident that your tools and equipment are secure.
  • Added Versatility: Every EXP Topper has a magnetic interior LED, integrated third brake light, and roof rails. You can further customize your vehicle with our range of innovative cargo management solutions.