Let Westin Off-Road Winches Pull the Weight for You!

Westin is proud to announce the availability of Superwinch Off-Road Winches. Westin’s new Superwinch and accessories are a complete recovery system designed to get your vehicle out of any tough situation.

We Have A Superwinch To Suit Your Needs

  • 1.0hp to 6.6hp motor options
  • 120V AC and 12V Series motors
  • 1,500 lb to 18,000 lb
  • Integrated and non-integrated options
  • Synthetic or steel rope
  • Heavy duty hooks
  • Wired and wireless handheld remotes
  • Up to IP-68 rated waterproofing

All Westin Superwinch Off-Road winches come equipped with powerful motors that deliver increased performance, torque and pulling power; giving you the strength and the peace of mind you need to take on any off-road adventure. Trust Westin to pull the weight with one of our durable, dependable Supewinches today.

To see what a Westin Superwinch can do for your off-roader, check out this link and watch our vehicles in action at the 2023 Easter Jeep Safari. Let Westin pull the weight for you!

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