New Westin HDX LED Grille

Westin’s HDX LED Grille gives your truck’s front end a whole new look and stylish functionality. Our HDX LED Grilles feature a form-fitted mesh grille with laser-cut Westin logo. And an 11-gauge steel frame with an LED housing made of 16-gauge steel.

Westin HDX LED Grille Benefits

  • Available in textured black finish
  • Double Row Combo LED Light Bar
  • Two Flood or Spot Single Row LED Light Bars
  • Includes a 6-point fastener for a distinctive look
  • Easy bolt-on installation so no drilling is required

The integrated lights on our Westin HDX LED Grille add extra illumination and enhance the look of your truck. For more on the many benefits of having auxiliary LED lights on your Grille, check out our blog here.

For 40 years, Westin Automotive has been the leader in truck, Jeep, and SUV aftermarket accessories. The Westin family of brands includes Westin, FEY, Wade, Brute, HDX, and Snyper.

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