Where Should I Mount My LED Lights?

LED lighting has many advantages. It offers impressive illumination, uses minimal amounts of power, and enhances the look of your vehicle. To get the most out of your LED lights, you need to consider several factors. The vehicle type, usage needs, and available mounting points all play a part.

In this blog, we investigate these and other factors that influence where you should mount your LED lights. 

Why Get LED Lights In The First Place?

  • Improve visibility
  • Enhance the look of your vehicle
  • Help you navigate dark trails better 

Adding LED lighting to your vehicle is a great way to improve visibility. For you and other road users. Auxiliary LED lights on your off-roader will help illuminate trails, helping you avoid rocks and other hazards. Even when you aren’t using them, LED lights enhance the look of your car, SUV, Truck, or Jeep. (Learn more about the many reasons to add LED lights here.)

What You Need To Consider Before Mounting Your LED Lights

There are a few points to consider before mounting LED lights to your vehicle. You may be limited by the available mounting points or local laws governing the use of auxiliary vehicle lights. Every truck, car or Jeep will have unique mounting points. And the LED products available will differ too.

You will also need to mount the LEDs in different areas depending on what you plan to use them for. Do you just want to be more visible to other road users, or do you want to see further on the highway at night? These decisions matter. Factors that often influence LED mounting locations include:

  • Vehicle type – Truck, Jeep, SUV
  • Type Of Driving – highways, off roading, trails
  • Mounting point locations
  • Why you need the extra illumination
  • Local rules and regulations

Location Options For LED Lights

Once you know what vehicle you want to fit LEDs to and the intended use, it’s time to see what kind of auxiliary LED options are out there. LED technology has changed the way we look at vehicle lighting. The small yet powerful diodes that make up an LED light have allowed us to integrate them into several innovative designs. This means more choice and flexibility for you. Consider these location options for Westin LED lighting:

  • Roof mount
  • Roof rail mount
  • Roll bar mount
  • Grille or bumper integration (can be behind the grille or next to the license plate)
  • Load bed or truck bed
  • Mounted in the front or rear to aid with parking and backup assist systems

LED Lighting Solutions From Westin Automotive

LED Light BarsAuxiliary Lights
XTS Overhead Light BarHyperQ B-Force Aux Lights
B-Force Double Row Light BarHyperQ LED Aux Lights
B-Force Single Row Light BarFM4Q Flush Mount Aux Lights
Xtreme Single Row Light BarWestin Ultra Aux lights
EF2 Double Row Light BarWestin Axis Aux Lights
Performance 2X Double Row Light BarWestin Quadrant Aux Lights
HDX B-Force Flush Mount Light BarWestin Work Utility Lights
B-Force Roof Mount 50″ Light Bar 
Fusion5 Single Row Light Bar 
FM6 Flush Mount Lights 

Westin Automotive has been an industry-leading manufacturer of quality automotive aftermarket products for Trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs for more than 40 years. Our LED lighting range is extensive – check out the chart above to find the auxiliary lights or light bars to fit your needs.

We also manufacture and supply accessories with integrated LEDs. These include bumpers, running boards, and even LED hood scoops. Some of our products allow for LEDs to be retrofitted at a later stage.

All our LED equipment comes with a comprehensive warranty. So, contact Westin Automotive today, and let us find the perfect LED solution for your vehicle.

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