Should You Add A Skid Plate To Your Off-Roader?

Transfer Case Skid Plate

Protecting your rig from the hazards you find on tough trails is important. But is your vehicle ready for rocks, or is an aftermarket solution required? Some modern jeeps and off-roaders already come with factory skid plates. They are better than nothing, but are factory skids good enough, or do you need aftermarket skid plates?…

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New HDX DEF Tank Skid Plate


Westin’s HDX DEF Tank Skid Plate has a durable 7 gauge steel main body that protects your vehicle’s DEF tank with stronger metal than an OEM shield. With bolt-on installation and no drilling required, it replaces the thin OEM DEF Tank shield and plastic cover to defend against punctures and other damage caused by road debris.

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Westin Snyper Skid Plates For Jeep Wrangler

Westin Snyper Skid Plates for Jeep Wrangler Available Now!

Westin now offers Snyper Skid Plates for the Jeep Wrangler. Combining function and style, the Snyper Skid Plates Plates protect the vehicle from damage often incurred during off-road driving. Benefits of Snyper skid plates include: If you’re going out on the trail, consider protecting your vehicle first. Skid Plates are available for gas tanks, transmissions,…

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