Westin WJ2 Stubby And Full Width Bumpers Reviewed

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When it comes to upgrading your bumpers, there are width options you need to consider. Westin’s WJ2 front bumper line is available in both a narrow (‘stubby’) as well as a full width option. Let’s take a look at the differences in stubby and full width bumpers and learn about the pros and cons of each.

Stubby Bumpers Pros And Cons

stubby front bumper

Let’s talk about stubby bumpers. These are narrow bumpers that don’t stick out past the width of your grille. These highly customizable bumpers are also a great place to mount winches, bull bars, or LED lights. Generally speaking stubby bumpers are:

  • A narrow design that doesn’t go beyond the grille’s width.
  • Great protection for the central front-end but leave tires, fenders, and undercar parts more exposed.
  • Great for technical off-road driving: allows better tire access to terrain and easier climbing.
  • Allow for more maneuverability, but offer less overall protection.

Stubby bumpers offer lots of protection for the middle part of your rig’s front end. However, their narrow size means they don’t cover the tires, fenders, or suspension parts very well. Still, stubby bumpers are great for off-road driving. People who like tricky off-road trails prefer them because the narrow profile lets the tires reach more ground. This helps with climbing and moving over rough terrain without the bumper getting stuck. If your Jeep is used primarily as a daily driver, a stubby bumper might not be the best choice since they don’t offer maximum protection.

Why Choose A WJ2 Stubby Front Bumper?


Stubby front bumpers allow for greater tire clearance and an improved approach angle. Both are essential in getting over tough terrain and protecting the vehicle from damage. Westin’s WJ2 front stubby bumpers are constructed from 3/16-inch plate steel and have several great features to consider, including:

  • Four jack lift points, two on the front and one on each outer corner. 
  • Recovery points feature a combined clevis mount and hook for added versatility. 
  • Holes for rock lights in the outer lower corners of the bumper.
  • Holes for mounting cube lights in the top outer portion of the bumper.  

Westin offers three different styles of the WJ2 Stubby Bumper to suit your specific off-roading needs:

Full Width Bumpers Pros And Cons

A full width bumper is the same size as the front width of your vehicle – edge to edge – including the fender flares. If you bump into something, this bumper offers your vehicle protection that extends to its sides and tires. It’s also good for off-roading because it can push away branches and brush to protect your overlander. But, there’s a downside – full width bumpers can make it harder for your rig to handle certain off-road challenges. Its size can get in the way when you’re trying to navigate obstacles like fallen trees, big rocks, or steep hills.

When considering a full width bumper, keep in mind that:

  • Full-width bumpers will match your front end body design and width, including fender flares.
  • They offer maximum protection during collisions and help to push away brush and branches when off-road.
  • It may limit off-road abilities like approach angles and tire articulation due to its length.
  • May affect ability to drive over large obstacles or steep ground.

Why Choose A Westin WJ2 Full Width Front Bumper?

Westin’s full width steel bumpers are designed for off-road enthusiasts. Adding a winch? WJ2 bumpers are designed with a winch mounting space inside the bumper to allow maximum air flow to your vehicle’s radiator. WJ2 bumpers also allow winch installation with your bumper already installed – a convenient feature you won’t find on many aftermarket bumpers! Check out our full width bumper line-up below:

Trust Westin For Quality Bumpers


When you’re ready to replace the factory front bumper on your off-roader, there are lots of features to consider. An aftermarket steel bumper upgrade is one of the first modifications most enthusiasts choose – it’s a personalized and protective stamp right on the front of your vehicle.

Westin has been an industry-leading manufacturer of quality automotive aftermarket products for Trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs for more than 40 years. Whether you decide to go full width or stubby, we’ve got you covered. We believe in delivering quality products that last. That’s why we offer a comprehensive warranty policy.

We offer a wide range of bumpers for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Get in touch with our team today and get the perfect bumper for your vehicle.

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